You’ve got to know your world before you can change it. That’s why the Suffolk student experience has a purposeful global spin.

A Suffolk student listens to a curator present at a museum in Israel.

Suffolk students become truly worldly thinkers–ones with insights that span cultures and time zones. This global awareness sparks creativity, innovation, and a deep empathy for their fellow humans. These are the skills they’ll draw upon as they solve tomorrow’s challenges and maximize tomorrow’s opportunities.

But they don’t just study the world. 世界杯买球注册的 students experience it for themselves.

We believe everyone should have the chance to 出国留学 and explore life beyond our borders. Suffolk students can take advantage of our very own campus in Madrid, Spain, as well as any of our 50+ partner institutions across the globe. They also have the opportunity to travel with purpose on short-term study tours with faculty and staff.

A group of Suffolk students studying abroad in Italy.

Students gain new transnational perspectives just by joining our diverse campus community in Boston, 太. We welcome students and faculty from all over the world. They’re excited to share their points of view with–and learn from–each other.

世界在等待. Suffolk students have access to it all.

“The minute we touched ground in Spain, I was like, ‘I want to get started on this adventure.’ We were all in a new experience in a new environment that we were all just excited to be in together. We walked out of Madrid knowing each other.” 
乔瑟琳·德·帕斯 Biology Major, Class of 2022



A group of Suffolk students pose for a picture while studying at 体育买球平台马德里.

世界杯买球注册 马德里的校园 is our students’ gateway to Spain, the rest of Europe, and the world. Students can spend up to their first two full undergraduate years at 体育买球平台马德里. Here in the Spanish capital, they prepare for future success with the same kind of transformative experiential learning, service-learning opportunities, and access to internships as they find in Boston.


A Suffolk student looking over a balcony while studying abroad in Israel.

Suffolk students learn to think in new ways, 适应新的文化, and increase their self-confidence at their choice of 留学计划 全世界. We offer 出国留学 opportunities with our 50+ partner universities in more than 30 countries. We make experiencing the world easier for our students—no matter their majors—and help them transition back to Boston seamlessly.


A group of Suffolk students are escorted through the Ben & 杰瑞在以色列的设施.

Whether students want to explore Madrid in their first year at Suffolk or serve communities abroad, our short-term programs show them the world. 世界杯买球注册Center for Community Engagement leads service trips during our winter and spring breaks, while students venture to Barbados with the 旅程领导计划. +, our 全球 Gateway Program in Madrid is one of the country’s only 留学计划 specifically designed for first-year students.

世界杯买球注册的全球社区 in Boston

Two Suffolk students from Asia dance in traditional dress during Suffolk's International Night.

全球 insights abound at our campus – home of one of the country’s largest international student populations, plus faculty from all over the world – in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Boston. This fundamental component of the Suffolk experience intersects every aspect of a student’s journey.

“Everyone in the 全球 Gateway Program wanted to learn about a new country. It was a very ambitious, kind, great group of people fascinated with traveling and exploring. It really opened up this new world to me and made me want to make the most of my college experience.”
尼古拉斯白垩土 Broadcast Journalism Major, Class of 2022